Low Blow (1986)

A religious prophet has just recruited the latest naive member into his weird, isolated cult. However, her rich father is dedicated to her safe return. Before long, a martial artist private investigator is in hot pursuit, racking up parking tickets, moving violations, and mangled fenders along the way.

God of Vampires (2010)

If you thought the borderland between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was absent of contract killers and Chinese vampires, you’d be dead wrong. With guns loaded and fangs bared, GOD OF VAMPIRES is here for a gory good time on a tiny budget.

Raw Force (1982)

A group of martial artists from a California karate club board a cruise ship destined for Warrior’s Island, a remote stomping ground for zombie martial artists. Will they make it to their destination or be forced back to port on account of a norovirus outbreak?

Blue Vengeance (1989)

I’ve used plenty of ride share apps and I’d like to think that if my driver ever said, “if you gotta piss, piss out the window. Cause I’m on a quest … I’m searching for the gates of hell,” that I would launch myself from the moving vehicle ASAP. If I somehow survived, I would never get in a stranger’s car again. This is one of the lessons from BLUE VENGEANCE, a strange film I enjoyed.

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