Dark Angels (1998)

Years before the big-budget proselytizing of controversial figures like Mel Gibson or Jim Caviezel hit the screen, an Atlanta-area filmmaker melded moral messaging with the low-budget action ethos of companies like City Lights and PM Entertainment.

Low Blow (1986)

A religious prophet has just recruited the latest naive member into his weird, isolated cult. However, her rich father is dedicated to her safe return. Before long, a martial artist private investigator is in hot pursuit, racking up parking tickets, moving violations, and mangled fenders along the way.

God of Vampires (2010)

If you thought the borderland between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was absent of contract killers and Chinese vampires, you’d be dead wrong. With guns loaded and fangs bared, GOD OF VAMPIRES is here for a gory good time on a tiny budget.

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