Witchtrap (1989)

This feels like the sort of underappreciated horror movie one would find in a stack of DVDs at a rural chalet you booked through Airbnb. For my money, it’s probably good enough to take home with you along with the stolen silverware.

Sword of Heaven (1985)

A mystical sword formed from a meteorite. A nun in a wheelchair flying off a cliff. A motorcycle riding hero in a red cocktail dress. All these random threads converge in the misshapen, cable-knit sweater of a 1980s action film that is SWORD OF HEAVEN.

Furious (1984)

The sort of film that gives you five straight minutes of old women eating chicken while a man in a kabuki mask performs magic tricks for a baby and a shirtless man twirls swords around in the back of a dimly-lit restaurant.