Violent Streets on Episode 588 of The Gentlemens Guide to Midnite Cinema

More than a decade ago, I delved into what felt at the time like the primordial pool of film-centered podcasts — fine shows like Cinema Diabolica, Outside the Cinema, and The Projection Booth — and eventually came across a genre movie podcast unlike almost any other: The Gentlemens Guide to Midnite Cinema (a.k.a., “the GGtMC”). While I started as a steady listener, I’ve come to know the co-hosts, Will and Sammy, as fellow cinephiles and friends in film and life.

Listen on (or wherever you listen to podcasts)!

Recently, I was asked to join as a guest to discuss the 1974 yakuza gem VIOLENT STREETS, directed by Hideo Gosha and starring Noboru Ando, Akira Kobayashi, and Bunta Sugawara, among others. (You may recall I reviewed the film here). We had an enjoyable and wide-ranging talk about the film — from the flamenco songs and monster masks to chicken shack fights and everything in between! — and I do hope you enjoy our insights and banter (Note: if you want to skip over introductory pleasantries and recent watches, you can move ahead to 45:30 for the actual movie discussion).

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